Organization Name is PITON: Professional IT Occupational Networking.PITON: /ˈpētän/: A pointed piece of metal used in rock climbing that is hammered into a crack in the rock in order to hold the rope which is attached to the climber.


Transition from capacity to opportunity realization.


This group will help IT professionals in their professional development. This goal will be attained through:Networking Knowledge Sharing/Update Self-Branding Exposure to the opportunities



Some ideas for keywords in vision are as below:

  • Pick Performance
  • High Achievement
  • Leading Experts (Achievers) in field
  • Create a platform creating synergy and become high achievers in realizing opportunities via using capacities.
  • Every member is a consultant
  • Making tech leaders


The following stakeholders are to be addressed in our mission statement:

  • Founders: Contribute to the communities
  • Members: Become high achievers
  • Society/ Community People
  • Country: Economic improvement
  • Tech Companies


For Metrics of achievement we need to think of measurable metrics.

  • For employees: higher level in organization
  • For entrepreneurs: moving to higher scale / next phase of operation


Moving to your next levelA good way to achieve this goal is through sharing success stories in meetings. This will lead to higher self confidence and thus creating achievers.

  • For some it would be getting a higher organizational position
  • For some it would be starting a new business
  • For some could be becoming expert in their field
  • For some it would be change of field