Date: November 25th, 2021

Time: 6:00PM TO 8:00PM EDT

What is Cloud in the context of IT and how will it impact my professional life? This is the question many have attempted to somehow address, and yet it seems ambiguities and complexities around the topic make it challenging to attain a definitive, sustainable and practical answer. In this fire-chat session the panelist, a cloud architect, tries to answer this fundamental question in a reasonably accurate, simple and relatable way. Main questions around the cloud profession were: what are the opportunities that will emerge as the result of cloud technology, and what are the highest pay roles in the domain of Cloud Computing?

Many IT professionals are grappling with the fundamental question of: I want to work in Cloud Computing but don’t know where to start, what are the three things I can do today to put me on the right track? The most effective action items according to the panelist are hands-on work, in any form of involvement with the cloud technology, courses for the purposes of learning, and dedicating resources for certification. Another burning question seems to be around Data Science and how it should be approached with respect to cloud computing. The answer seems to be: they would co-evolve in ways we have to observe and be ready to embrace as and when new trends emerge.

In summary, it is essential to keep monitoring trends in public and private cloud domains with an open mind that they will be impactful in redefining many technologies including IoT and Smart City. The ways virtualized platforms and managed infrastructure can facilitate and empower small companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals seem to be beyond the grasp of many professionals. Many IT professionals are approaching this new paradigm without appreciating its capabilities and potential. It is time to adopt this new technology with a full understanding of its ensuing paradigm shift.

Atoosa Nasiri
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