Meeting started with 30 minutes delay due to the traffic issue.

We extended the networking session at the beginning followed by two presentations:
Elham talked about secure online shopping since we are approaching to holidays and people tend to buy online.
Few things to remember from this presentation are as follows:

  • Make sure the entire traffic is encrypted using https
  • Verify the URL and ensure the spelling is correct. Sometimes fake websites use a very similar URL to fool people
  • Use a strong password for online accounts
  • When possible use PayPal rather than credit card
  • Don’t trust public WiFi

The second presentation was about Emotions and Subconscious mind by Dr. Alireza Sharifi. In his presentation, Alireza mentioned that the 4 steps to learning:

  1. Unconscious Incompetence which is when we are exposed to something we don’t know,
  2. Conscious Incompetence, which is when we start learning something new
  3. Conscious Competence which is a level in which we are getting better at something we learn,
  4. and finally, Unconscious Competence which is the level we do things automatically.

After the formal speeches, Mehrdad provided an update on community project about January 12th seminar on raising security awareness for the general public.

It was an enjoyable and informational session.
On behalf of PITON board members, we thank our participants who made it.

PITON is a networking group of IT professionals for IT professionals to advance in their business, career or professional life.

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